Not all entrepreneurs are artists, but if all artists should use some entrepreneurial skills?

Everyone has the capacity to be creative - creativity is not something unique or characteristic only to the arts. People, who think and behave in creative way in their normal lives have some common features. They question and challenge, make a lot of connections and see variety relationships, explore ideas, keep different options open and [...]

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The biggest challenge facing the sector of culture?

Since the 1980s, a lot has been said about the role of culture and the creative sectors (CCS), not only in the context of social development, but also in economic development. According to UNESCO the cultural and creative sectors account for millions of jobs in the world, increase the attractiveness of cities and generate millions [...]

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The II Fair of Employment, Entrepreneurship and Mobility in Granada

Last 7 and 8 of June, the Chamber of commerce of Granada celebrated the II Fair of Employment, Entrepreneurship and Mobility within the Integrated Qualification and Employment PICE. Nearly 1000 young unemployed people under 30 registered to participate in this 2 days event. More details on the event can be found at The first [...]

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2nd session of the first Enterprise Circle in Poland

The 2nd session of the first Enterprise Circle took place in Poland last week. Arteria continued the work done within the first session with artists and creative interested in understanding how to make more sustainable their business and how to develop entrepreneurial skills. The following pictures were taken by Sergey Lapshin during the event:   [...]

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“Young culture manager” – training for people wanting to work in the cultural and creative sectors

The good practices could be very inspirational – one of very interesting examples is a training course titled “Young culture manager” run by VENO’S STUDIO Przemysły Qultury from Poland. At the beginning it was a cycle of training sessions devoted to young people who, basing on their passions and interests, would like to start their [...]

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