The Entrepreneurial Competence Framework for artists and cultural operators sets out and defines entrepreneurial competencies and core areas needed by artists and creatives to structure their activity in an “business like” way.

The concept of the framework is that the 3 levels identified refer to “POTENTIAL” and relevant grades (high, moderate and limited) to be a successful cultural entrepreneur from an artistic background and area of action. In particular, each level of the Framework is associated with:

  •  Entrepreneurial Competences cluster hard and soft skills, attitudes and knowledge reachable by artists and creatives.
  • Aspects and areas of entrepreneurial expertise: practical experiences of artists and creatives through which applying the concept of entrepreneurship education in the specific context of arts and culture.

Each level also describes the entrepreneurial profile highlighting which competence area the profile has more developed (Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Attributes/Personal attitudes, Knowledge).

Finally, the framework is a milestone for the development of the specific training pathways identified and successfully implemented in the following project output (IO2).