Ágnes is the owner and founder of a vegan and gluten-free, artisan food producer, the “Mislenyi Ízműhely”. She was unsure about starting her own business, but we hope that our contribution contributed that she kickstarted her own business.

She graduated from the Godollo University of Agricultural Science as agricultural engineer. She has been gardening since her childhood, having taught the love for the land and the plants from her parents. Health, environment and environmental protection are both very important for her, and she also tries to leave a carbon footprint as small as possible. She likes to know, what kind of food she puts in her family’s’ mouths. These are the reasons she and her husband started to do their chemical-free garden, where they grow for themselves what they can. They are making dried fruits and vegetables since ages, and are making jams, putting food away for the winter for years. A few years ago they had converted to vegetarianism and started to look for new flavors. Ágnes’ husband is a chef and invented a few new spreads and pastes.

“A few years ago I worked in the middle management of a vegetable processing plant which gave me experience in drying and processing vegetables and fruits. This led me to develop vegan, gluten-free snacks made from dried fruits and vegetables.

This considerable experience gathered throughout the years spent in the industry, the support of friends and the desire to make something creative and constructive led to the establishment of the business.

Enterprise Circle helped me to assess my strengths and weaknesses. It confirmed that I should start my business and I have received valuable feedback about what to improve – one example is that we should be present on online platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. I have learnt the mind map method which I use since when making business plans.”

The secret of these products (different pastes, sweets made from dried fruits) is that they are unique: a bigger manufacturer does not produce this many different flavors. The sweets contain rarely used fruits such as blackcurrant or buckthorn and they are seasoned with natural honey bought from local producers, and they were being dried on exactly 40 °C therefore the healthy content remains in them.
The Mislenyi Ízműhely despite its short history is already present in several shops in Pécs, on the weekly farmer’s market in Pécs and on non-recurring events, such as local festivals across the region. They are planning to establish a small processing plant where they will be able to maintain the high level of quality but with the involvement of reliable suppliers and careful employees the process will be mechanized to a certain extent to meet the high demand for these healthy, chemical-free, vegan and gluten-free snacks, sweets and pastes.