Artenprise project has developed a training program for artists and cultural operators aimed to develop entrepreneurial skills and to make their work, projects and organizations more sustainable.

How’s ever been possible without all partners efforts, from Spain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland and UK?

Indeed they have developed the following products:

    • A competence framework describing which competences artists and cultural operators should have or develop in order to be more entrepreneurial (with a classification on profiles in 3 different levels of competence)
    • A tailored training program made of:
      a) a peer-to-peer mentoring scheme for artists based on the Enterprise Circle adapted to the needs of the target group
      b) a training structured around 6 main modules covering hard skills artists should have in order to fill the gap of their entrepreneurial knowledge
    • A social learning platform offering online learning path for artists and cultural operators and a community area where to meet other artists, trainers, facilitators and exchange projects, views on the training, specific needs

What about sharing activities?

The project had several moments of interaction with the target groups both at local level and at European level. We (try to) summarize them in 3 main moments:

  1. each partner organized 2 sessions to test the adapted Enterprise Circle meeting 3 times per sessions groups made of 5 artists (70 artists involved overally in this phase)
  2. a European training week has been organized in Matera, Italy, 2019 European Capital of Culture, to test the modules of the Artenrpise Training for artists and cultural operators
  3. local Multiplier Events have been held between August and September 2019 to present to a wider community of artists and cultural operators the results of the project and perform further smaller pilot test of the methodology of the Artenprise Enterprise Circle and other learning tools developed

Looking towards the future…

The partnership have¬†been agreed to keep on using the developed learning programs with more artists and cultural operators. Why? Because the community of users will benefit from the online learning space and from the online community “conversations”. They may have further learning experiences.
Artenprise is already in a network of European initiatives focused on Capacity Building for the Cultural and Creative Sector and through this network it will provide support and training to more users.