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Poland joined the Enterprise Circle

Polish partner Fundacja ARTeria also started the Enterprise Circle on 23rd November. It was interesting and full of good energy meeting with many ideas and business opportunities to develop. The participants have a different background (music, photography, designing/stylist, cultural development, art education). The challenge of the meeting was to look at their work and passion [...]

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First Enterprise Circle in Matera

Our partner Materahub also started the Enterprise Circle on November 21st. A beautiful workgroup with many ideas and business opportunities to develop. Participants work in the fields of visual art, design, comics, art crafts, photography, and territorial social / cultural development. The challenge is to think of a different role, leaving the idea of being [...]

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First Enterprise Circles training session in Hungary

Our hungarian partner organised their first Enterprise Circles meeting in Pécs on 20th November and it was a truly uplifting experience for the participants. Despite the different background ranging from chocolate maker via photographer to bio culture counselor participants found common ground in terms of challenges and concerns regarding business matters. They embraced the different [...]

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The Enterprise Circles first meeting in Sheffield

The Enterprise Circles first meeting took place in Sheffield on the 10th November. It was very exciting to hear from a variety of creative businesses: from a digital artist and curator to an amazing silversmith! All shared very similar concerns and were very keen to ensure they will maximise every opportunity to ensure their passion [...]

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