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“Working in slippers” – good practice devoted to the entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative sectors

“Working in slippers” is interesting and unique training course for people wanting to conduct business or work as freelancers in the cultural and creative sectors. It is run by Polish training company VENO’S STUDIO Przemysły Qultury, which has many years of experience in this field (e.g. VENO’S STDUIO carried out a project, co-funded by the [...]

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Helping artists and cultural organizations to develop sustainable projects

In the last years, creative and cultural industries have become a relevant sector for EU economy. From Italy to Hungary, from UK to Finland, there is no country or region that has not invested or will invest in this sector to increase employability, entrepreneurship, skills development, social impact. In 2014, Materahub started a new Erasmus [...]

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