In the last years, creative and cultural industries have become a relevant sector for EU economy. From Italy to Hungary, from UK to Finland, there is no country or region that has not invested or will invest in this sector to increase employability, entrepreneurship, skills development, social impact.

In 2014, Materahub started a new Erasmus + project (Break In The Desk) aiming at training artists and cultural operators on how to make their projects and activities sustainable from an economic and financial point of view. How? Through a work of “translation” from business vocabulary and tools to the language of culture and arts, its values and instruments.

The result of this action was the Creative Project Canvas, an adaptation of the famous Business Model Canvas, born to support the actors of Culture and Creativity in their everyday challenge with sustainability and viability of their projects.

The Creative Project Canvas offers the possibility to go through a process of reflection on past, current and future projects understanding how to organize the work, how to activate networks, where to find supporters and co-workers, on which value to point for the single artists, the community in which she/he is insert and so on.

Together with the Canvas, the partnership (made of 9 partners from 7 EU countries) developed a Work (Play) Book useful to support those artists that could not attend workshops organized in Italy, Spain, France, Romania, Hungary, Finland, UK.

For all those organizations interested on this topic, for those who would like to organize a workshop or simply test the canvas, all materials are available at

What has the future in store? A network of the first artists that went through the process of using the canvas and that now have become facilitators for the methodology to be used and further disseminated.


Paolo Montemurro Project manager РDirector MateraHUB