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Interviews from the participants at the Artenprise Training Week

We are happy to share with you interviews from the participants at the Artenprise Training Week held in Matera on the 12-16th of February 2018.In these video pils, their expectations, the impact of the training on their professional development, their views on the importance to train artists on business and entrepreneurial skills. [...]

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Increa project to give migrants a chance

Nowadays, social exclusion of migrants and refugees exists in many European countries, although it is not well-reflected in our educational systems. Therefore, tackling inequalities in education should be a part of the comprehensive fight for social justice, in order to make universal values alive. The acquisition of basic skills and mostly learning the language is [...]

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An interview with Ágnes Juhászné Rádics, one of our Enterprise Circle participants

Ágnes is the owner and founder of a vegan and gluten-free, artisan food producer, the “Mislenyi Ízműhely”. She was unsure about starting her own business, but we hope that our contribution contributed that she kickstarted her own business. She graduated from the Godollo University of Agricultural Science as agricultural engineer. She has been gardening since [...]

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Our Polish partner presented our project on Polish TV

Our Polish partner presented our project on Polish TV: the following videoo was recorded during the nws from regional SFERA TV about ArtENprise project: The following short video comes from meeting of the Club of Upper Silesia Artists - KARASOL. Wenancjusz, where Anna Ochmann talked also about ArtENprise. The title of the meeting [...]

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Not all entrepreneurs are artists, but if all artists should use some entrepreneurial skills?

Everyone has the capacity to be creative - creativity is not something unique or characteristic only to the arts. People, who think and behave in creative way in their normal lives have some common features. They question and challenge, make a lot of connections and see variety relationships, explore ideas, keep different options open and [...]

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